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Bible Verses Showing You are Loved

As Christians, the followers of Christ and the legitimate sons and daughters of God, we shouldn’t be told or reminded that God loves us because HE is our Father and HE is love HIMSELF so, love is our Father which means we are coved by love. Here in this article [Bible verses showing you are loved] we will be talking about how great the love of our Father is because by doing so, we are showing the world that we are loved and we are confident and also grateful and happy about it.

Bible Verses about God’s Love Never Failing 0

Bible Verses About God’s Love Never Failing

God, Himself is love and His love can never and will never fail. There are enough proofs, evidence, and examples of God’s love never failing is found all through the Bible. Let’s walk you through some Bible verses about God’s love never failing.

Bible Verses about Loving Yourself 0

Bible Verses about Loving Yourself

When we are talking about loving ourselves, we aren’t talking about being arrogant or proud but we are talking about loving ourselves while still being very humble. Let’s take a look at some Bible verses about loving yourself.