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Prayer for Power: Praying for Spiritual Power 0

Prayer for Power: Praying for Spiritual Power

No doubt, we live in a world where both physical and supernatural powers exist; having both is fine, but as Christians, we should be more concerned with having the spiritual. In this article, we will walk you through understanding the prayers for power, the importance of praying for supernatural power as well as prayers for supernatural power.

Prayers for Firefighters 0

Prayers for Firefighters

Here in this guide, we bring you some great protective prayers for firefighters in their line of duty. Being a firefighter is one of the sweetest jobs in the world; sweet because these wonderful people are risking their lives to save the lives and properties of others. They do very great works, however, these come with great risks, and they deserve our prayers.

Prayers for First Responders 0

Prayers for First Responders

Here are prayers for first responders. These are amazing people that are always putting themselves and lives in line to ensure the safety and development of our communities.

Prayers for Surgery 0

Prayers for Surgery

Looking for prayers for surgery? This page is dedicated for this. There is no doubt about this, there is always a feeling of unease and anxiety when one or a loved one is about to go for a surgery.