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Bible Verses Showing You are Loved

As Christians, the followers of Christ and the legitimate sons and daughters of God, we shouldn’t be told or reminded that God loves us because HE is our Father and HE is love HIMSELF so, love is our Father which means we are coved by love. Here in this article [Bible verses showing you are loved] we will be talking about how great the love of our Father is because by doing so, we are showing the world that we are loved and we are confident and also grateful and happy about it.


Bible Verses to Know You are Not Alone

Everybody struggles with loneliness at some point in their lives, at least if not loneliness but the feeling of loneliness. And there are fear and uncertainty during these times that even makes it seems like God is not there with us, that we are all alone which is why this article “Bible verses to know you are not alone” is here for you, to serve as a remainder for you that God is always and will always be there for you and me.


Bible Verses to Save Marriage

The ultimate thing that can be possessed and expressed which will surely keep relationships and most importantly marriage together even during bad and difficult times, this ultimate and essential thing is love and to be more precise, unconditional love. This article will be about Bible verses to save marriage, Bible verses that are to bring comfort and peace to broken homes and marriages.


Free Will Bible Verses

This article Free will Bible verses will be talking about what the Bible says about the Free will of man. There are a number of verses in the Bible that shows that free will has been to us by God as human beings, we have been given the power to choose. Even to choose God or the other is our choice.


Tattoo Scripture Ideas

Bible verse tattoos are what can be recommended for you to get for a consistent reminder of who and what you are, your faith and all. Tattoo scripture ideas are usual, simple and ordinary inspiration for tattoo designs. They are tattoo designs which are from the scripture.


What does the Bible say about Piercings

We are here to find out what the Bible says about piercings but if you are here to know whether piercing is a sin or not, the Bible never really specifically talked about it whether it is a sin or not. What does the Bible say about piercings is our main focus here, to talk and discuss about everything the Bible has to say about piercing.


What the Bible say about Speaking in Tongues

We will be talking about what the Bible says about speaking in tongues, first of all, whether it’s even biblical or not. Now, the answer for the latter part is yes, it is biblical, it’s also a biblical topic which is why we will be discussing it here and an important point is that you can only be able to speak in tongues when you are in Christ.


Where is God Bible Verses

God is really a mystery and every single thing about HIM is a mystery which certainly brought this article [Where is God Bible verses] so, we are here to unveil some mysteries about the Almighty God, the Mystery HIMSELF.

Best Jesus Memes of all Time 0

Best Jesus Memes of all Time

Memes are increasingly becoming popular and this does not exclude religious-specific memes. There are millions of memes on the internet, and among these are Jesus memes.