Bible Verses on Giving to the Poor

Here are some inspiring Bible verses on giving to the poor. It is written in the bible that one of the most effective and important ways to be blessed is to give more than we receive. As Christians, we are obligated to give to the poor and the needy and this giving should be from our heart – we should give cheerfully and lovingly.

Bible Verses on Giving to the Poor

As our Almighty God who loves us and care for us unconditionally, we should care for everybody and especially the poor unconditionally and we should also support them in whatever way we can. We are to imitate our Lord Jesus Christ in the act of being selfless, we shouldn’t be selfish as Christians [followers of Christ].

These bible verses on giving to the poor will make us understand that the scripture has made it clear that we should always give from our heart, we should give cheerfully because God will surely reward us but only reward a cheerful giver. And the more you give, the more you get; give and never neglect the poor.


Let’s explore to see and what the bible says and instruct us about giving to the poor. Below are some collections of bible verses that talk about giving to the poor.

We should always be reminded that we are obligated to give to the poor, which is an instruction from Our Heavenly Father. And these we should teach and make our children and loved ones understand and the interesting part of this is that there is a great reward for giving to the poor.

Now, let’s start exploring;


We have been instructed not to stop doing good and to always share what we have with others. And this Our Heavenly Father loves.


If you want to blessed, you must learn how to give bountifully and also always give to the poor.


According to this verse, we are reminded that God will always reward every deed either good or bad. So, we are advised and even instructed to kind to the poor and Our Faithful Father in Heaven will surely reward the good deed.


Not considering the poor is regarded and known as wickedness. And every act of wickedness will not go unpunished.


As Christians, helping and giving to the poor should always be desirous. It should be something we do with our whole heart.

BIBLE VERSES ON GIVING TO THE POOR – Below are more bible verses on giving to the poor.

PSALMS 112:5-7

5 Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.
6 Surely the righteous will never be shaken; they will be remembered forever.
7 They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

PSALMS 112:9

They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor, their righteousness endures forever; their horn[a] will be lifted high in honor.


Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses.


Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”


There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.

Final Thoughts on Bible Verses on Giving to the Poor

Above are our obligations and duties as Christians but we should also not forget that just giving to the poor will make us save but by the salvation of our soul.

As a reminder, we are to give to the poor cheerfully, be kind and generous to them and also be a good example of this to others around us.


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